CAPA responds to reporter on the DOJ investigation on disrimanting college admission policy as following:

We welcome the news of the DOJ investigation. It is long overdue for Asian American community. Asian Americans as a minority group have endured racial discrimination throughout the history of our nation. The Chinese exclusion act of 1882, the first law implemented to prevent a specific ethnic group from immigrating to the United States, was only repealed in 1943 after many Chinese men served in the US army, fought for and even died for our country. The Japanese Americans were forced to the internment camps during the WWII. Now Asian American applicants are suffering from discriminatory college admissions practices such as illegal use of blunt racial quotas and racially-differentiated standards. Like the originators of the Chinese Exclusion Act, these colleges use same excuse for their discrimination: there are too many Asians (Chinese). There are better ways to achieve diversity than the use of race-based discriminatory policies and practices. Asian Americans deserve equal education rights just like any other ethnic group.

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