Achieve Success Together (AST)

This program is run by High School students (Tutors) with adults’ supervision. Tutors are responsible for curriculum development, class arrangement, teaching and tutoring, and communicating with parents and students. Students are elementary and middle school children who are interested in improving their knowledge and skills in the areas of English writing, public speaking and math. The High School students not only teach specific subjects and skills but also set up a role model for the younger students. Comparing to adult teachers, the younger students feel more connected to the older ones therefore are more engaged to learn with fun activities. At the same time, the tutors have developed leadership and entrepreneurship by taking initiatives and ownership of the program. This program piloted in the summer of 2016 and opened to more tutors and students in the fall of 2016 and spring of 2017.

In addition, AST has collaborated with Peiying Chinese School and New West Learning Center in the summer of 2017 by providing tutors and camp counselors.

Furthermore, AST is granted a county fund to provide free tutoring service to the low-income students in the school year of 2017-2018.

Executive Team – Audrey Lin, Tess Yu, Judy Zhou

Adult Supervisors – Jean Xu, Hailing Zhang


September, 2016 IvyLead Unlocking Leadership Potential

organized by Jean Xu

November, 2016 Gun Safety

organized by Linfeng Chen and Lingyu Chen

December, 2016 廖冰亲子关系讲座

organized by Sherry Chen and Jean Xu

January, 2017 Former BOE student member Rachel Ling

organized by Jean Xu

February, 2017 two safety seminar by Howard County Police Department at

Peiying and HCCS because of burglaries

organized by Chao Wu

March, 2017 Here I come, Middle School – panel discussion led by MS students organized by Lan Deng

March, 2017 Boys and Girls’ Soccer in Howard Country – Information Session

organized by Hailing Zhang

June, 2017 Incoming K Parents Panel Discussion

organized by Hongling Zhou

Committee Representation by CAPA members (past, present and future years):

PTAC (PTA Council) – Xuhui Zhao, Emily Yuan, Rang Wang, Hongling Zhou

CAC (Community Advisory Council) – Jean Xu, Tony Du, Donald Mu

GTAC (GT Advisory Committee) – Jean Xu, Hailing Zhang

CDI (Committee for Diversity and Inclusion) – Jean Xu

CPAEC (Culture Proficiency and Equity Committee) – Jean Xu

Operating Budget Review – Chao Wu, Jian Ni, Xinning Yang

School Academic Calendar Committee – Linfeng Chen, Hongling Zhou, Jian Ni, Xueqing Wang

School Attendance Area – Jinjuan Feng

#OneHoward – Chao Wu

Design Advisory Committee – Weiwei Jia

Ethics Commission – Jean Xu

Community Meetings/Events

August 2016 Interview with BOE candidates

October 2016 BOE candidate forum

May 2017 Community Celebration of Duanwu Festival at Centennial Park

June 2017 Invite Interim Superintendent Dr. Michael Martirano to speak at

the annual CAPA general meeting


1. Enhance Language Program at HCPSS

Led by Chao Wu

2. HCPSS School Day-off on Lunar New Year

Led by Linfeng Chen, Hongling Zhou, Jian Ni, Xueqing Wang

3. HCPSS School Start Time

Led by Chao Wu and Hongling Zhou

4. HCPSS School Redistricting

Led by Hongling Zhou and Chao Wu

Community Outreach

1. Celebrated Chinese New Year with Peiying Chinese School in Jan. 2017

Led by Chao Wu and Jean Xu

2. Keep the community informed about the sanctuary Howard bill

Led by Jean Xu, Chao Wu and Hongling Zhou

3. Signed joint statement on Justice for Mr. Jiansheng Chen

Led by Tony Du

4. Signed joint statement to support South Asian Americans’ call for full investigation on

possible hate crimes committed in Olathe, KS and Kent, WA.

Led by Jean Xu

5. Donate $150 to the Yu family in California whose son was institutionally bullied by the

school authorities.

Led by Jean Xu

6. Parent Survey of Acts of Intolerance in HCPSS

Led by Jean Xu

Asian, Muslim, African American, Jewish communities, along with other religious and

ethnic groups, has been asked by the Howard County Education Association (HCEA)

leadership to provide documentation identifying the schools, the acts of intolerance

experienced and/or witnessed by our children, and teacher or administrative response to the

incident, if any. CAPA-HC has been working together with all communities to facilitate this