For every resident in Howard County and every family in Howard County public schools to be equally represented in the community and to have equitable access to services and resources.


To advance, empower and unite the Chinese and other immigrants in Howard County by advocating for the underrepresented, leading in civic activities, promoting greater community engagement, and supporting integration into the larger community.

Census 2020
Census 2020

Complete the 2020 Census Today!

This census video was made by Steven Tzeng, a sophomore at Atholton High school.

Click here for 2020 年全美人口普查 (Census 2020) 知识问答

On February 9th, 2020, CAPA sent its testimony regarding Superintendent Michael Martirano's proposed FY 2021 operating budget to HCPSS Board of Education.

Read the details...

CAPA's Testimony Regarding CB1-2020 - February 3rd, 2020 @ 7PM

The Chinese American Parent Association of Howard County (CAPA-HC) wishes to express its support to the original CB1-2020 sponsored by Council member Liz Walsh, which extends the project wait time for school capacity test from 4 years to 7 years. Read more...

CAPA Census 2020 Community Grant (2020 人口普查社区活动基金)


Community members can apply for this grant to help prompting census 2020.

Application Deadline: 2/29/2020

Application Link:

为促进2020人口普查的宣传活动, 哈维华人家长联合会 (CAPA-HC)愿为社区合作团体提供活动基金,欢迎 HCPSS 各家长组织以及其他非盈利团体(无需注册)前来申请。每笔基金范围在$200到$2000之间。



(1)组织内至少有五名CAPA资深会员(Current Senior Member,members in one family considered as one membership)。

(2)至少派五名本组织代表参加CAPA在2020年2月或3月组织的人口普查讲座 (讲座具体时间待定)。


CAPA将根据申请组织在人口普查活动中的参与人数批准基金金额。如果某个合作组织有需要, CAPA可以提供场地及食物为它单独举行讲座。在满足获取基金的要求后,各组织可自行支配基金使用。


申请截止日期:2/15/2020. 如有问题请联系


We're proud to partner with the Horizon Foundation on mental health and build a community of Emotional Support Humans in Howard County!

Learn more tips about how to be an Emotional Support Human:

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