CAPA Youth Group

CAPA Youth is a student volunteer group which includes three subgroups: CAPA Cares, CAPA Green and CAPA Voice.

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Instagram: capahcyouth

CAPA Cares: Established in June 2020, our group was founded primarily in response to COVID-19 concerns. Thus, our mission was to serve the Howard County community, specifically the elderly minorities, by providing relief and comfort through companionship and resources. In the past year, we have worked closely with several senior living establishments, such as Owen Brown Place Apartments and Longwood Apartments. We currently have over 80 seniors connected with over 30 volunteers! Our volunteers have helped them with day-to-day tasks, from providing translations to tech support to simply providing company. As of June 2021, we have coordinated the delivery of 500+ boxes of fresh produce and groceries (weighing over 19,000lbs), provided over 160 hours of weekly translations, and provided over 160 hours of weekly phone/in-person communication.

We need more youth volunteers who are in 6th grade or above. Please check our website and register with us. If you are a minority senior resident in Howard County, please contact us for our support and future activity information. 


Contact:; Instagram: capahccares; Facebook: @CAPA-HC-Cares

CAPA Green: This subgroup is to focus on environmental protection programs. Our mission is to work together to make our community a green place.

We will engage in a lot of meaningful but interesting activities, such as community cleanup, recycle, gardening and we will also do a combination of projects with very fun outdoor activities as well.

we believe that if we start with small steps, it will lead us to BIG results. If you are young, energetic, and enthusiastic about environmental protection, please join our CAPA-HC Environmental Protection program and be one of our many volunteers.

Let’s work together. Keep clean & go green!


CAPA Voice: The main responsibility of CAPA Voice is to promote CAPA and CAPA related activities. Our main tasks include the following: updating the CAPA website and social media platforms such as Facebook and Instagram; creating and posting promotion material to advertise different events and programs; assisting in the production and translation of CAPA’s monthly newsletter; keeping track of updates and activities of each CAPA Youth subgroup by coordinating with their respective communication teams; and assisting CAPA in reaching out to various media agencies including news reporters, journalists, etc.

We also work closely with other teams in order to help promote their activities through CAPA social media channels.  

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