CAPA Young Leaders Summer Internship Program

In collaboration with local and state elected officials, CAPA is launching the Young Leaders summer internship program. The program's goal is to train underrepresented high school and college students interested in public service, encourage civic engagement and participation in public policy, build a pipeline of young leaders to public office, and enhance multigenerational connections among people of Chinese descent. 


The program will begin in June with virtual training sessions to prepare the interns to work effectively in a professional environment, especially with the sensitive nature of public office. At the end of June, selected interns will start working with elected officials for the rest of the summer. Options to work beyond the summer are also available. CAPA will hold a graduation ceremony at the end of August (virtual or in-person status will depend on the status of COVID-19) to provide young leaders with the opportunity to broaden their networks in public service and other professions. 


The selection process includes a written application, an interview conducted by a CAPA team, and an interview conducted by the team of the elected official you are matched with. Select interns will also receive a stipend of $200.


Eligibility requirements:

1.     High school or college students who are interested in exploring a career in public services and public policy.

2.     CAPA senior membership. To join:

3.     No previous experience required.


The Selection Process:

1.      Application form:   Please fill out this form by May 31, 2021.

2.      Interview with CAPA. If chosen, CAPA will notify you of your application status and schedule you for an interview by June 5th, 2021. The interview will be conducted in the following two weeks.

3.      Decisions will be released by June 19th, 2021 and forwarded to the elected officials. 

4.      Interviews with our partner officials will be conducted at the end of June.