Support the Community During COVID-19 Crisis

The Howard County Chinese American Community is offering scholarship to students ages 14-21 who have been impacted by the pandemic. Fill out the application by 9/11/2020 for scholarships that range from $250 to $1000. If you have any questions, please email

                                                Relief Scholarship Requirements   Relief Scholarship Application Form

In collaboration with Howard County Community Organizations Active in Disaster, CAPA launched a weekly live educational talk. We invited experts from a variety of disciplines to give interactive Zoom presentations to K-12 students.

We hope the regularly scheduled talks can help parents and students with the home-school and distance learning plans.  Click here for our weekly topics.

CAPA-HC raised over $11,000 and used the fund to purchase 4 meals from local restaurants and delivered them to the Howard County General Hospital.


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World Journal report (in Chinese): ​

*World Journal is the biggest and the most influential Chinese language DAILY newspaper in the state

With support from multiple Chinese, Korean and Indian community organizations, CAPA-HC led the effort to raise over $11,000 to donate face masks, exam gloves, hand sanitizers and cleaning supplies to the Howard County Police Department, Howard County Department of Fire and Rescue Services, Howard County Food Bank, and Grassroots Crisis Intervention.


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Baltimore Sun Report:

In collaboration of multiple Chinese organizations in Howard County, our community raised over $27,000 and donated thousands of PPEs to hospitals.

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We started an on-line learning program within a couple of weeks of school closure. We used our pools of existing high school tutors to teach their peers or younger children. It includes one-to-one or small group tutoring. It also formed an exercise group. The story was reported by the Voice of  America: (Starting from minute 24, the interview was conducted in English with Chinese subtitle in Chinese)


* Please be noted: CAPA’s tutoring program was established 3 years ago to support low income and ESOL students in Howard County. This is an extension of this existing program.