HCPSS Committee Representatives (New Addition after the 2016-2017 School Year Progress Report)

  • 2019-2020 School Academic Calendar Committee: Nigel Tzeng
  • 2019-2020 Operating Budget Review Committee: Jean Xu

Assist HCPSS to Identify Significant Asian Holidays

HCPSS invited CAPA to help identify significant holidays observed by the Asian community. CAPA members reached general consensus on the following holidays: Chun Jie (Lunar New Year), Zhong Qiu Jie (Mid-Autumn Day), and Duan Wu Jie (Dragon Boat Festival). We have reached out to the Korean community and asked them to incorporate Korean Holidays in the list. We plan to submit a complied list to the school system.

School Redistricting Committee

CAPA-HC formed a committee to collect information, inform parents on the important events associated with school redistricting and encourage participation.

Co-chairs:Hongling Zhou, Chao Wu

Committee Members: Xinning Yang, Bing Zhou, Lingyu Cheng

Superintendent Search Testimony

CAPA members discussed the traits that we hope BOE to consider when conduct search for the HCPSS Superintendent. Based on the discussion, CAPA submitted an official written testimony to BOE. Please follow the link to view the testimony: Testimony

Program: Achieve Success Together

In 2016, CAPA-HC has initiated the Achieve Success Together (AST) program. It is a tutoring service offered by high school students to elementary school students. The goal of this program is to assist elementary school students in reaching their full intellectual ability while simultaneously allowing high school students to develop and strengthen their leadership skills and teaching abilities. AST is run by the high school students with guidance from several adult mentors. The tutors of AST create their own unique and trademarked curriculum catered specifically to their students. They also help with marketing and outreaching to elementary school students.

This program began in the summer of 2016 in one tutor’s home; since then, it has expanded to host classes at local elementary schools. In the 2016-2017 school year, two successful 10-class sessions for a wide range of grade levels were held during the school year as well as a summer camp. More than 20 tutors and hundreds of students have participated in this program. In April 2017, the program was awarded a Howard County government grant to extend its service to low income students attending Ducketts Lane Elementary School, Elkridge, MD. In the fall of 2017, the program’s services was expanded beyond academic areas to sports clubs with the same theme: creating a win-win situation by fully and effectively utilizing volunteers and high school students of the community to help elementary school students in need.

The goal of AST in 2018 is to reach out more low-income students in more schools, to expand services in additional areas, and to help High School students to lead and teach a more diverse population.

Student Executive Team: Tess Yu, Judy Zhou, Annabelle Gao

Adult Supervisors: Jean Xu, Steve Chen

Education Seminars

November 2017 Panel Discussion: HCPSS GT Programs

Coordinator: Hongling Zhou

December 2017 Panel Discussion: Middle to High School Transition

Coordinator: Lan Deng

Civic Engagement Seminars

October 2017 Local Community Involvement

Guest Speakers:

President of Howard County Citizens Association, Stu Kohn

President of The People’s Voice, Lisa Markovitz

President of Howard County PTA Council, Vicky Cutroneo

Coordinator: Hongling Zhou

December 2017 State Legislation

Guest Speaker: Maryland State Senator Gail Bates (District 9)

Coordinator: Xinning Yang

Member Assistant

A CAPA member sought assistance in advocating for her child. The student was mistreated by his teacher and school administration. With help from CAPA, the issue was solved. For details, please go to this link: Details