Have you ever noticed Adopt-A-Road signs in Howard County? On Sunday, April 3, 2022, CAPA Green volunteers took action on Old Annapolis Road to support the Adopt-A-Road program. In a two-hour stretch before noon, student volunteers picked up many bags of litter between Centennial Ln and Columbia Rd.

The litter included liquor bottles, drink containers, wrappers, bags, and automotive parts. After the cleanup, the roadsides looked nice and clean again. “It’s fun to do something together with my friends to help keep our county clean.” Volunteer Luke Shi from Clarksville Middle School commented with a smile. Eight volunteers in middle and high school attended the cleanup.

Adopt-a-road is a program of the Howard County Public Works Department, committed to “providing citizens with a safe and clean community.” CAPA Green adopted the Old Annapolis Road last August, led by Yang Ding. Volunteers are encouraged to clean at least four times a year, and today’s activity was their first of 2022.