Internship and Volunteer Opportunities

CAPA presents internship and volunteer opportunities to the children of its members as well as the larger community. Some programs are uniquely designed for the youth that they cannot access otherwise. Here are a few examples that have tremendously benefited our members:

  • County Executive Office internship

  • High School and Middle School panelists for panel discussions in a variety of areas

  • Candidates Forum volunteers including moderating, guest guiding and signing, time keeping. More importantly, this is a great opportunity to observe the democracy process in real life and apply what they have learned in their AP Government class.

  • Tutoring low income and ESOL students through county awarded program

               NEW   Future Star Program (FSP)     -- for senior members only

                The FSP is a tuition-free program that offers high school Asian Americans and Pacific Islander (AAPI)   

                students pairing with senior government employees (GS13 equivalent or above) in federal, state, or local

                government through mentorship. Click here for details.

Leadership Program: Achieve Success Together

AST, Achieve Success Together, was founded to assist elementary students in reaching their full intellectual ability while simultaneously allowing high school students to hone their leadership skills and teaching abilities. AST is mainly student run with the guidance of adult mentors. The tutors of AST create their own unique and trademarked curriculum catered specifically to their students, as well as manage activities such as marketing and outreach. For details, please visit their web site

                Sign up here for AST Shine Tutoring Services.


                Sign up here for AST Public Speaking Class.