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  • Essay

  1. The Culture of Chinatown  by Stone Li, 11th Grade; Jessica Li, 8th Grade


   2. DAD and Community by Ella Wang, 6th Grade; Bryan Wang, 2nd Grade

   3. The Chung Yeung Festival by Ashley Gu, 5th Grade

   4. The Zodiac Story by Elizabeth Lin, 2nd Grade

   5. How to be a good citizen? by Benjamin Lin, 4th Grade

  • Video

  1. Cultural Differences by Tia Yu, 10th Grade

  2. What is a community? by Zichun (Jerry) Gao, 9th Grade; Jennifer Gao, 9th Grade

  3. Celebrate Through Dance  by Stephanie Wang, 10th Grade

  4. Pandora's Box  by Ximing Luo, 9th Grade

  5. Civic Duty: What is it?  by Grace Li, 6th Grade

  • Visual Arts

Art_Xinming Luo_Crimson Peony.jpg

1. Crimson Peony - by Xinming Luo, 9th Grade


Dragon Boat_Emma Li.jpg

3. Dragon Boat - by Emma Li, 10th Grade


Ximing Luo_Demise of a King.png
community Angelina - Vanilla Wafers.JPG

2. Community During Quarantine - by Angelina Xu, 10th Grade

Ximing Luo_Military Honor.jpeg

5. Military Honor - by Ximing Luo, 9th Grade

4. Demise of a King  - by Ximing Luo, 9th Grade