Week 5 Theme: CIVIC DUTY
  • Essay

  1. How to be a good citizen? by Esther Lin, 2nd Grade

   2. The Importance of Civic Duty: Especially in 2020  by  Stephanie Wang, 10th Grade

   3. How to be a good citizen? by Benjamin Lin, 4th Grade

   4. Civic Duty Story by Michael Xu, 2nd Grade

  • Video

  1. Civic Duty: What is it?  by Grace Li, 6th Grade

   2. Civic Duty in a Nutshell   by Bryan Wang, 7th Grade

   3. Caring with Civic Duty  by Kai-Lin Yu, 10th Grade

   4. COVID-19 relief by Tia Yu, 10th Grade

  • Visual Arts

1. Mr. Clean - by Erica Qin, 8th Grade


2. Military Honor - by Ximing Luo, 9th Grade

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