Week 4 Theme: MYTHS and LEGENDS
  • Essay

  1. The Legend of Mid Autumn Festival by Benjamin Lin, 4th Grade

   2. The Zodiac Story by  Elizabeth Lin, 2nd Grade

   3. A Beautiful Chinese Love Story by Sarina Li, 2nd Grade

   4. Myths and Legends by Vanessa Feng, 2nd Grade

  • Video

  • Visual Arts

  1. 绣花鞋 - by Livia Zhao, 9th Grade


3. Demise of a King  - by Ximing Luo, 9th Grade


5. No More COVID  - by Eileen Wu, 4th Grade


2. 锦鲤 (The Koi Fish) - by Livia Zhao, 9th Grade

4. The Azure Dragon - by Bryan Wang, 7th Grade


6. Mulan (花木兰) - by Emma Li, 10th Grade



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