• Essay

  1. The Chung Yeung Festival by Ashley Gu, 5th Grade

   2. Chinese New Year by  Grace Li, 6th Grade

   3. Celebrations by Huiyu Duan, 3rd Grade

  • Video

  1. Celebrate Through Dance  by Stephanie Wang, 10th Grade

   2. Birthday Celebration  by Evan Luo, 4th Grade

  • Visual Arts

  1. Festival on a Hill - by Kelly Yang, 9th Grade


3. Birthday in Quarantine  - by Lily Shen, 7th Grade


2. Survivor's Celebration - by Sherry Li, Adult

4. New Year Celebration - by Ximing Luo, 9th Grade


5. Good Luck  - by Cindy Yu, 6th Grade


6. Dragon Boat - by Emma Li, 10th Grade


7. Peace Inside - by Annie Yuan, 6th Grade

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