Taste of New Year

The Lunar New Year is here! It’s time to celebrate by eating a big feast and savoring the taste of the new year!

The year of the Ox is bound to be different from previous years after a very unusual 2020. Do you feel that your cooking skills, which you have been practicing during quarantine, are unrecognized and underappreciated? Well, the opportunity to showcase your skill is here: CAPA-HC has partnered with some of Howard County’s business owners to launch the “Taste of New Year”, a program which will allow you to show off your cooking skills while promoting the culture of Chinese food, and ushering in good luck for the New Year!

Program period: 2/8/2021 ~ 3/3/2021

Program rules:

CAPA-HC will announce the theme of the dishes in the CAPA WeChat group, the CAPA Facebook page, as well as the CAPA official website on the following dates: 2/8/2021, 2/15/2021, and 2/22/2021. After the announcement, the participants will have one week to make a dish based on the theme and record the process. All videos will be submitted to CAPA and posted on the CAPA YouTube channel and CAPA website. Participants will be entered in a lucky draw with randomly selected winners.


The winner for each round will receive:

  • A $25 gift card

  • 2 coupons from our business sponsors

  • A CAPA power bank (value of $30)

  • A CAPA logo ball pen


All participants who submit a video will receive:

  • One coupons from our business sponsor

  • A CAPA mini power bank (value of $15)

  • A CAPA logo ball pen


Video requirements:

  1. The respective deadlines for the three submissions are: 2/17, 2/24, and 3/3.

  2. Winner of the lucky draw will be announced three days after the submission (2/20, 2/27, and 3/6).

  3. The length of the video should be under 5 minutes.

  4. The complete recipe should be included in the video.

  5. Requires a full explanation/comment in English or Chinese with English subtitles.

  6. Children's participation is strongly encouraged.

  7. Please click this google form to submit your video.


What are you waiting for? Prepare your ingredients and take out your phone to record the precious moments with your family during the New Year, and spread Chinese culture to more places. Waiting for your delicious dishes to be submitted!