Table 6 Summary-2016 BOE Candidate Forum

Janet Siddiqui:

Mrs. Siddiqui believes that school start times should be pushed back. She has led a motion to change the start time but explains that the main restraint is transportation. Mrs. Siddiqui wants more programs for world languages and believes they are important. She also agrees that the GT program needs to be improved. She believes that the bar should be raised. She wants data more accessible and transparent to everyone.

Robert Miller:

Mr. Miller believes that we need to evaluate the pros and cons common core. He says that instead of not completely throwing it out, BOE should sit down with teachers and students to get their input so they can keep the good part and throw away the bad. He wants more parent and student input on teacher evaluation, and wants more teacher input during student evaluation when they are getting into or out of GT. His 3 main priorities if he is on the board is restoring honesty by being more transparent, having more community inputs, and more instructional time for teachers by cutting down standard tests.

Mavis Ellis:

Mrs. Ellis believes that the start time for high schools should be pushed back. She rejects the idea of switching high school and middle school. She believes that the evaluation of teachers should be more parent and student suggestion based instead of test scores. She wants to give more time to the teachers by eliminating conference days and having them after school. She believes that the GT standards should be raised.

Christina Delmont-Small:

Christina wants to cut down the amount of standardized testing and cut down the time each of them take. She believes that they are not very useful. She believes that GT should raise the bar and make classes more challenging. She wants to get parents and teachers together to figure out a system that will work for everyone. Her top three priorities on the board would be to restore trust, make information more accessible, and to get parents, teachers, board members, and students to work together in repairing the system.

Vicky Cutroneo:

Mrs. Cutroneo supports delaying the school start time. She does not want to flip elementary with high school because of the cases where the older student gets home earlier to care for the younger ones. She wants the BOE to be work more directly with individual schools. She believes that GT standards need to be raised and bring back honors classes in high school. Her priorities are to make better with the budget, decrease class size, and be more transparent to the broader community.

Kirsten Coombs:

Mrs. Coombs wants to delay school start time but does not agree with the idea or flipping elementary with high school. She believes that the GT program should raise the bar and have more teacher inputs when assessing as student instead of basing everything off a test. She wants to figure out a better way to use the budget provided and figure out exactly where the money is going. She wants to set up a program that will weed out the bad teachers and support the good ones. She wants to give more support to new teachers. She also wants to give more instructional time to teachers by cutting down the amount of standardized testing and limit the length of each one.

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