Table 3 Summary-2016 BOE Candidate Forum

Christina Delmont-Small

  • Too many students are in GT and they need to be put in a class that best benefits them

  • BOE should have a better relationship with the county and developer

  • Chinese holidays should be implemented

Vicky Cutroneo

  • Don’t force kids in GT if they aren’t ready

  • Tell the board to look at the number of honors classes

  • Quality over quantity

  • Spend budget on needs instead of wants

  • Gallup is useless

  • We need more data regarding the relationship of the student and the teacher

  • Look at students overall

  • We need to work with the teachers union

  • We need better teachers instead of moving bad teachers around schools

  • Students need to testify and get their voice heard

  • Talk to the local legislatures on Executive Orders that the governor orders

  • We need to maintain the portables in our schools

  • Make negative information more available (Transparency)

  • Look at the SAT scores in more specific details (race, culture, ethnicity)

Kristen Coombs

  • We shouldn’t be taking resources from kindergarten

  • Give the taxpayers a voice

  • More resources in the classroom

  • Decrease the class size

  • Later high school start time

  • Children need more sleep

  • Increase the transparency of budget

  • Decrease the Gallup Surveys

  • Less money in public relations

  • Bigger cafeterias if school is over populated

  • Distribute the population evenly among the schools

  • Use better websites

  • Fix the burden issues on Canvas (weighting grades, missing students, etc.)

  • Spend technology money wisely (Stay consistent with the websites)

  • Don’t force teachers to push kids into GT just for a “statistical advantage”

  • Children should take classes based on their priorities instead of being forced to take a class

  • Kids should go to a class that they are comfortable with

  • Kid’s physical health is important

Janet Siddiqui

  • More transparency when it comes to communication

  • Better communication among the school system

  • Reevaluate the GT program

Robert Miller

  • Elementary schools should revamp the GT program and look at the hierarchy of the student’s skills

  • Students’ skill level should be based on the class that they are in

  • Increase the number of honors level classes and give honors students a challenge

  • Better world language classes in elementary schools

  • Look at the possibility of elementary and middle school students riding the same bus

  • Better on adjusting to new websites

  • Be more careful about online grading

  • Better communications on grades

  • Students shouldn’t be handicapped based on the website that they are using

Mavis Ellis

  • Favors later start time for high schools

  • Working on a whole school magnet program

  • Transparency on Board Actions on Budget, Staffing and Programming

  • More parent input

  • Better collaboration with students, parents, community members, and educators

  • Less testing more teaching

  • Against kindergarten testing

  • Develop better tests that are more suitable for the students

  • Look at funding for our special education students

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