Table 2 Summary-2016 BOE Candidate Forum

Vicky Cutroneo - first

Q: What’s your biggest concern? What do you want to change?

  1. Budget – don’t have money for this-that

  2. “don’t have enough money for for Chinese”

  3. Not true, priority problem

  4. Prioritize Chinese

  5. Class size

  6. Teachers can’t teach such a huge class of 30

Q: Relation problems?

A: We need a closer relationship with people

  1. Problems need to be shared

  2. More formal interaction

  3. Never heard of some problems

Q: Why budget audit?

  1. By law, have enough money but wasting it

  2. Spending on wrong things

  3. Not using data for decisions

Q: Budget provided by taxpayers – cut?

  1. Cut to what asked for, but still got more. Budget not cut, additional budget cut

Q: Who is superintendent? Decisions?

  1. No checks and balances, superintendent makes decisions

  2. Everything approved thru central office, must be approved

  3. What to tell parents must be approved

Q: Do you disagree with anything of Christina

  1. Approach to board is collaborative

  2. Don’t have to agree on everything, different people

  3. Candidates approach challengers as others

  4. Collaborate and get along despite competition

  5. Hostile interactions right now, BoE bad reputation right now

Q: Do you approve of the superintendent?

  1. I don’t approve of the process of the superintendent position

  2. Everything was great when she wasn’t a part of it, her kids were good and happy

Q: Do you support the Chinese Lunar calendar New Year holiday?

  1. She did not last year, following law

  2. Convo with Asian student

  3. How much having an off day meant

  4. Connection to culture

  5. Not such a big deal as a holiday w/out school off

  6. Changed her thoughts

  7. Now considering, not sure

Q: Why are we losing teachers?

  1. Work conditions bad

  2. Too many students

  3. Conditions all time low

  4. Pay low, despite budget

  5. Unappreciated

  6. Teachers afraid to talk for themselves

  7. Favors good teachers

Christina Delmont-Small – sixth

Q: What sets you apart from other candidates?

  1. I advocated a lot, have a lot of perspective

  2. Ask questions about whole county

  3. Need to understand whole challenge

  4. Solution involves whole problem

Q: How do you get more people involved?

  1. Information should be provided with infrastructure

  2. Info should go us to board, not the other way around

  3. Inform community to answer questions

Q: Decision making is a poor process, who made decision?

  1. Agree – should decisions enhance the experience of students?

  2. World language needs to be face to face

Q: How do you ensure communication with community?

  1. More ways to do so

  2. People called me

  3. Inform parents

  4. Representatives on board?

  5. Things hidden – by design?

  6. Communicate absences, holiday policies to teachers and students

Mavis Ellis - fifth

Q: What do you want to change? What are challenges? How would you try to overcome them?

  1. Culture of BoE – transparency to people who elected

  2. Superintendent and staff responsive to BoE

  3. Board members don’t get answers

  4. Superintendent unchallenged

  5. Staff don’t respond to questions

  6. Expectations need to be set

Q: What’s your opinion on Lunar New Year?

  1. I’m in support of students off in Lunar New Year

  2. Governor needs to know

  3. Locals should have more freedom regarding calendar

  4. I am supporting

  5. Look at other options for other off days too

Q: Would you support stronger Chinese learning system?

  1. Language teaching shouldn’t be online

Q: How do you make sure issues are communicated with community?

  1. Share with parents, reach out

  2. Many not worried if not affecting their child

P: Different levels of education

  1. GT programs need to be pushed forward, but for the right kids

  2. Kids who are in need should be supported

Q: How is the superintendent doing?

  1. People owe jobs to superintendent

  2. Holds lots of power

  3. Approval rate 20%

  4. Parents go elsewhere for information on board

Q: Are you going to make strong leadership to overlook board?

  1. I don’t give up, collaborate

Q: What is diversity?

  1. We are different race yet american

  2. Equal opportunity for all

Robert Miller - fourth

Q: What do you want to change if elected? Key problems:

  1. Honesty – can’t have good relationships with honesty, public and official relationship

  2. Audit – don’t want to add money if you don’t know where it’s going

  3. Questions not answered

  4. Inviting input – teacher’s concerns silenced or they get in trouble

  5. Input should be used for decisions

  6. Explain decisions - people understand, don’t get angry, helps relationship ^^^

  7. Instruction – more time needs to be added to the teachers

  8. Testing wasting time

  9. Teacher evaluation wastes time and money, doesn’t help

  10. Administration should serve teachers, not the other way around

  11. Give 1 on 1 time

  12. Levels of education need to be distanced

Q: Do you support Lunar New Year?

  1. This year is good

  2. Not allowed to designate holidays if not instructionally based

  3. Legal reasons need to be based on if schools can operate effectively

  4. Professional day moved to coincide with Lunar New Year, students off

  5. Can’t promise committee is going to carry through

  6. Chinese people should persuade board

Q: Shouldn’t we base decisions on survey results?

  1. Two options - school opens before labor day or professional days moved

Q: How much time and resource allocated to special education and free lunch for low income students?

  1. Issues with money taken from Special Ed, but hard to decide exactly

Q: How does economic situation affect achievement?

  1. Huge effect – if students take private lessons, different scenario

  2. Both can have experiences but tutoring/instruction affects students differently

  3. Don’t make too different experiences between schools

  4. Opportunities shouldn’t depend on financial issues

  5. High end students should be given opportunity to excel, but low end shouldn’t be disadvantaged

Janet Siddiqui - third

Q: How can we trust you to improve with all the current issues? Transparency issues

  1. Communication breakdowns yet improvements

  2. Systems replaced over summer, hoco health dept. aware

  3. Quality assessment going on, good thing

Q: One earlier candidate mentioned teachers aren’t so valued anymore – do you agree? What are you going to do?

  1. Hearing mixed things, mostly resources

  2. Input is either specific or union, been at table

  3. Teachers have a voice right now, always have had a voice

Q: What is the major reason for teachers leaving?

  1. Various reasons

  2. Retire, maternity, other employment, family reasons

P: Teacher leaving rate is not higher

  1. 300 new per year, 9k applications

  2. People want to come to HoCo with great students and parents

Q: How do we select survey companies?

  1. Calendar survey

  2. Do you support report?

  3. Competitively bid

  4. Good value, not everything

  5. Board decides over 25k$ decisions

Q: Would you support Lunar New Year a professional day?

  1. I would like staff off

  2. Challenges religious or cultural holidays

  3. I support student day off

Q: Elementary Chinese class created carefully, abolished quickly – if you are elected, would you consider resume this program?

  1. I regret that Chinese people did not know about this

  2. Any programs we go should be desired by community

  3. P: We need someone to initiate it, and if you could we would love it

Q: Some students perform poor due to lack of resources – is race a consideration for support or

just economy?

  1. We look at everything – have had race specific support groups

  2. English learning program is funded

Q: If you were elected, what changes for our community you would want?

  1. Later school start times in April for mid/high school 8:15

  2. Anti-bullying coming up

  3. Redistricting policy

Kirsten Coombs – second

Q: Why are we losing teachers? So much budget

  1. Not just about money

  2. Mont county-

  3. Pays teachers more yet less enjoyment

  4. Educators felt part of community

  5. Non-cash benefits outweighed more money

  6. Now teachers told what to do rather than input

  7. No longer enjoying, not asking teachers

  8. If you don’t have something positive to say, don’t say anything

  9. Moved schools, additional burdens, given unlikeable jobs

Q: What caused the change?

  1. Doctor Foose

Q: New teachers better?

  1. Older teachers could mentor old ones

  2. Long term ones have experience

  3. Pushed out because voices unheard

  4. Experience voiced in class, told to be quiet

  5. Theory - A child in first grade should have the same teacher throughout the day

  6. Now they’re moving, not developmentally appropriate

  7. Need stability, security, consistency

  8. Develop teacher relationship

  9. Educators knowing it’s wrong are asked to do it

Q: Who uses elementary models? Kids moving class?

  1. Departmentalization

  2. Fifth grade moving, appropriate

  3. First grade – not

Q: If math class better than English, prefer attend higher level class?

  1. Not about level of reading/math

  2. Pro cons different

Q: What do you think about moving?

  1. Moving for SS English, math science, not moving every time

  2. Transition time lost

  3. Basically middle school

Q: Parents don’t get much input from testing

  1. Young age – people don’t know, results need to communicate parents

  2. Trying to figure out what test scores meant, what she needs to work on

  3. Student priority

  4. Who cares about parcc, SAT!

  5. Not trustable, students study for SAT and disregard parcc

Q: Budget?

  1. I would look at what’s important

  2. Too much things, increase class size?

  3. Kill gallup poll, millions

  4. Not enough support for why it matters, I’ll ask questions instead of voting

Q: If you were elected, would you support Chinese New Year as a professional day?

  1. Yes, but opinion changed because governor Hoagen

  2. Tighter time frame

  3. Nervous about after labor day

  4. Factoring spring break

  5. Easter Monday should not be holiday

  6. I do not support Hoagen

  7. Calendar should be up to local communities

  8. Washington county starts earlier because snow days

  9. We should be able to decide for ourselves

  10. Recognize diversity

  11. Hoco rich – people want vacation, ocean city?

Q: Used to be in classroom Chinese class in high school, now reduced – would you look at resuming issues?

  1. Elementary established program after a lot of votes and establishment

  2. Killed by one person

  3. Look at assessment results

  4. How can remote language teaching be positive?

Q: Some students don’t perform well because economic status, if you are poor and don’t have resource affects performance, not race – Do you support affirmative action?

  1. We need best educators

  2. Better educators > diversity

  3. Classrooms need diversity, but need to be the right people

  4. Kids need right start in kindergarten

Q: Opinion on transgender? Use any restroom they claim to be – changing room?

  1. Transgender access to single use restroom

  2. Single space with locks better than two separate restrooms

  3. Bullying is concern

Q: Many things happening because Foose – how can board change that?

  1. She’s employee of the board not other way around

  2. Given special perks to others to get them to feel with her – five others agree to her

Q: How can you change it?

  1. I will be one vote

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