Youth Leadership Club - Meet with Delegate Clarence Lam

April 16, 2016

Youth Leadership Club members, their parents and Chinese community met with Dr. Clarence Lam, District 12 delegate on Saturday, April 23.

Dr. Lam emphasized the importance of voting, especially voting in the primary election. He demonstrated that low Asian American population in his district are active voters who have been voting in both primary and general elections in the past years. He said that the politicians would pay more attention to the active voters.

Dr. Lam devoted most of his time to answer questions from the audience. Variety of questions have been raised including Chinese and culture learning, what bills he sponsored in the past legislation season, and what made him decide to be a democratic. He shared his personal story and the challenges he had to face growing up in a town with a few Asian Americans in his school.

There were about 70 community members attended this meeting, one of the most well attended YLC meetings.

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