Community Leaders From Diverse Backgrounds Come Together to Speak out Against Intolerance and Racism

上星期哈维郡一个高中生在家庭聚会中的种族主义言论被同学放到YouTube上。星期四,Superintendent Dr. Foose向社区发布了公开信call for action

星期五,前BOE member Larry Walker召集了各主要社区和组织代表开了一个电话会议。徐菁和陈林峰代表CAPA参加了会议。会后由Larry 草拟,各代表多轮修改的联合公开信发到了各媒体电台。我们现将此信与华人社区分享一下。


Community Leaders From Diverse Backgrounds Come Together to Speak out Against Intolerance and Racism

Earlier this week, bigotry, racial hatred and ignorance again reared its ugly head in Howard County. This time it came as a 30-second, profanity laced video racist rant, spread on social media. In response, a coalition of community leaders from Howard County, coming from all walks of life and diverse ethnic, racial and religious backgrounds, now come together with one voice to condemn this latest display of hatred.

Yet statements are not enough. In the coming weeks, this community coalition will work with community partners to plan effective ways for the students at the involved high school to talk safely and honestly among themselves about their divisions, their perceptions and how they can come together. We will also work with community partners to facilitate a wider community based forum designed to build mutual respect, understanding and cooperation across the breath of diversity in our community. Details will be forthcoming shortly.

In the meantime, we urge parents to use this disturbing incident as an opportunity to have a serious talk about racism and intolerance with your children. Share your values and express your expectations of their behavior. Tell your children we can only thrive in Howard County when everyone feels safe and is treated with respect.

In Peace,

HoCo Coalition for Inclusion

African American Community Roundtable of Howard County

Beth Shalom Congregation

Chinese American Parent Association

Foreign born information and referral network (FIRN)

Howard County Education Association

Howard County Muslim Council

United Maryland Muslim Council

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