Suggested Amendments to Policy 1080

The Chinese American Parent Association of Howard County (CAPA) has been committed to improving educational equity in Howard County since its establishment. We consider Policy 1080 to be an essential step towards implementing the goal
of educational equity and support BOE’s leadership in drafting and improving this policy.

State regulation “Code of Maryland Regulations, Chapter 13A.01.06. Educational Equity” requires each school district to create an educational equity policy. As the regulation stated:

The purpose of this chapter is to establish as a matter of policy and priority that: A. Each Maryland public school will provide every student equitable access to the educational rigor, resources, and supports that are designed to maximize the student’s academic success and social/emotional well-being; B. Each local school system’s procedures and practices provide for educational equity and ensure that there are no obstacles to accessing educational opportunities for any student; and C. Achievement will improve for all Maryland students and achievement gaps will be eliminated

CAPA believes that each individual should be provided with equitable access to resources, services, and opportunities; and should be treated equally and fairly regardless of individual characteristics. Evaluating educational statistics by student groups may hide unique individual characteristics within groups. We believe that the state regulation mandates the school systems to ensure educational equity for EACH individual regardless of the group and academic spectrum he/she belongs to. The proposed HCPSS Policy 1080 should be consistent with the state policy.

To help improve Policy 1080 so that it will provide guidance and clarification to HCPSS practices, and to ensure that Policy 1080 is aligned with state regulations, we respectfully submit the following recommendation on revision.

The following revisions are based on the current BOE draft dated July 9, 2020.

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