Bully Hotline

We are opening CAPA bully hotline to serve the community. If you have any bully or other issues, you are welcome to email us at Your information will be kept confidential.  

Panda Costume Rental

Community members can rent a panda costume for cultural events with a minimal fee.

Contact: Jingshan Wang


MD State Parks Youth Pass

CAPA members have the privilege to reserve a camp site using the MD State Parks Youth Group Pass. This pass was purchased by CAPA to benefit its members. The rental fee, when reserve a camp site using this pass, is approximately 1/4 of the regular price. In the past, over 100 members have enjoyed this benefit. Labor Day Assateague trip becomes a CAPA annual event.

Contact: Linfeng Chen

School Facility Rental

CAPA assists its members to rent facilities for nonprofit purpose. Please review the rules. If you are interested, please contact

CAPA Census 2020 Community Grant 

Community members can apply for this grant to help prompting census 2020. Please use this application form to submit your request.