Stand Together Against Kung Flu

Free Weekly Online Peer Support Group for Asian American Teens

  • Rationale

Coronavirus-19 (COVID-19) emerged in December 2019 in China’s Wuhan province has created a global crisis for both physically and psychologically. Moreover, COVID-19 has become an emerging way of bullying of Asian Americans, particularly Chinese people, in the U.S., as racial slurs like “Kung Flu” appeared in social media. In response to educate Asian teenagers, their parents, mental health professionals, and teachers, this provider, Chun-Shin Taylor, Ph,D., LCPC, NCC, (the provider) offers a free online support group, Stand Together Against Kung Flu (the group). As a 1st generation Asian American female clinician and person of color, the provider is passionate about improving cross-cultural intelligence to the community as an expert in racial issues within the family (Asian-nonAsian couples and their children), within the community (racial equity and restorative justice), and within the religious organizations (safe church building against the violence).

  • Purposes

    • To create an online peer support group against uprising racial discrimination toward Asian Americans caused by pandemic Coronavirus-19(COVID-19).

  • Interventions

    • To provide education on diversity issues, including systemic racism and microaggression, influencing intergroup and intragroup relationship

    • To increase awareness on the impacts of racism and teens’ well-being, including social, emotional, physical, relational dimensions

    • To increase cultural intelligence and coping skills to manage negative impacts on the level of functioning

  • Methods

    • Nature of the group

      • This is not a THERAPEUTIC group counseling

      • This is a weekly online-based (audio-only) peer support group, facilitated by a licensed mental health provider

      • This is an open group. A new member can join anytime with permission by the administrator

      • Time: Every Thursday from 3:00 pm-4:00 pm until two months after the school reopens.

        • First meeting 3/26/2020

      • Platform: Google Hangout

    • Ongoing resource sharing

      • Time: any time

      • Platform: Google Doc

      • Contents: Newsfeed, social media thread, self-reflection/journal

        • The administrator will remove inappropriate contents

    • Follow-up

      • For those who volunteer, a follow-up group meeting will be held six months after the last day of the peer support group

  • Participants

    • Any Asian/Asian American teenagers (13 and up) who experienced racial discrimination following the COVID-19 outbreak

    • Each teenager must send a consent form signed by his/her parent or a legal guardian

    • Each teenager must send a written release of information if he/she has a therapist who would make a referral for a group participation

  • Contact

Download Consent for Peer Support Group form here.