Leadership (2020-2021)
Board of Directors

President: Ming Du (杜明)

Vice President: Jiangyue Zhang (张江跃)

Secretary: Nan Shang (尚楠)

Board Member: Yu Chen (陈雨)

Board Member: Yun Lu (陆昀)

Board Member: Feng Ouyang (欧阳峰)

Board Member: Xinning Yang (杨炘宁)

Board Member: Lili Zhang (张立力)

Board Member: Hongling Zhou (周宏陵)

Executive Team
Executive Director: Jodie Wang (王盈)

Chief Administrative Director: 

Chief Finance Director: 


Advisory Committee:  Jean Xu (徐菁)

Membership Committee: Yun Lu (陆昀)

​Legal Counsel: Steve Chen 




​CAPA Mailbox:

P.O.BOX 2164

Ellicott City, Md 21041-2164

Email: info@capa-hc.org

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