Leadership (2019-2020)
Board of Directors

   Jean Xu, Chao Wu, Hongling Zhou, Lan Deng, Lily Zhang,

Tony Du, Ying Wang, Xinning Yang and Feng Ouyang

Executive Officers

President: Jean Xu 

Vice President: Honglin Zhou and Chao Wu

Treasurer: Lily Zhang

Secretary: Lan Deng


Membership:  Hongling Zhou and Ying Wang

Fundraising Committee: Tony Du

HCPSS and Community Outreach: Linfeng Chen

Technical Support: Chao Wu and Xinning Yang 

​Legal Counsel: Steve X. Chen 


All positions are filled by non-paid volunteers. The current board of directors, officers and chairs are elected.



​CAPA Mailbox:

P.O.BOX 2164

Ellicott City, Md 21041-2164

Email: info@capa-hc.org

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