Thanks to State Senator Katie Hester and her team for keeping the community updated and reaching out to the Chinese community.


感谢州议员 Katie Hester 及其团队进行信息综合,并联系华人社区,分享新冠最新动态。


以下是 Ketie Hester 脸书的中文翻译:







President Trump has just announced new coronavirus guidelines for Americans to follow over the next 15 days, recommending that all Americans avoid groups of more than 10 the details here:…/coronavirus-guidelines-america/


👋🏼 Look here for helpful resources regarding COVID-19: These are the most up to date resources and news we've found so far, and we will do our best to update and add to this list as time goes on:


I highly suggest checking these links and following these pages to get the most up to date information in your area! 


Resources From the State of Maryland:…/coronavirus_FAQ.pdf…/FAQ_covid19_older_adults……/coronavirus_testing_FAQ.……/FAQ_covid19_Maintaining_…