Concerns of COVID-19 related bullies and hate crimes

鉴于华人对自身安全隐患的担忧,CAPA联系了郡长Calvin Ball 和警察局长Lisa Myers. 以下是Chief Myers 的回信:


Ms Xu 

Thank you for your letter. We understand your concerns and are taking this issue just as seriously. In Howard County, we absolutely do not tolerate the kind of behavior you described.

Proactively, police have increased patrols throughout the community to instill a sense of security and ensure people are complying with the law.

We encourage anyone who feels threatened for any reason, including because of their nationality, to contact police. With the current state of emergency enacted by Gov. Hogan, which includes the closing of schools and restaurants, hopefully this inappropriate behavior has diminished.

Thank you for contacting us. We will continue to work to ensure that every person in our community is protected under the law and feels safe in Howard County.

Chief Lisa Myers


  • 仇恨犯罪请打911或非紧急电话 410-313-2200

        Please call 911 or the non-emergency number (410) 313-2200 to report any Hate Bias related incident 


  • 非紧急非仇恨犯罪可以在网上上报