October 7, 2018 - CAPA and LoKA (League of Korean Association) co-hosted an all-level candidate forum for the 2018 election.

 2018年10月7日,于马里兰哈维郡米勒图书馆(Howard County, Maryland, Miller Library), 

 哈维郡华裔家长联合会 (Chinese American Parent Association of Howard County) 和哈维裔韩裔联盟(League of Korean American Howard County)联手打造了 郡长、郡议员、学区教委(County Executive、County Council、Board of Education) 三级候选人政见会。




详细报道请见: https://mp.weixin.qq.com/s/_9XSGEvH5M4hUJ14tPOUww

政见会实况:     Session 1 County Council: https://youtu.be/K7UB7NC7ZR0

                             Session 2 Board of Education: https://youtu.be/rq1ORpsSijc

                             Session 3 County Executive: https://youtu.be/vq_cJK52vRE


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