AST Shine

AST Shine is a collaborative effort of  CAPA, HCPSS and the county government to close opportunity gaps among disadvantaged students.  It offers free tutoring services to elementary school students from low income families (FARM) and/or whose native language is not English (ESOL). The tutors are selected through an application process including a mandatory interview. Many components of this program is operated by high school students. A public school teacher was hired to develop a teaching plan that aligns with the school curriculum and train the tutors to deliver the teaching materials effectively.

Achievement Highlights

  • Served more than 80 FARM and/or ESOL students in the past two years

  • Offered almost 4,000 hours of free personalized tutoring services

  • Established partnership with 5 elementary schools

  • Engaged more than 30 high school students

  • Developed a 50-hour tailored teaching plan aligned with HCPSS curriculum by a teacher

  • Received county grants for three consecutive years

High schoolers, are you interesting in becoming a tutor, serving the community and earning compensation and/or service hours at the same time? Please find the details and submit application here.